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Home > About Us > Hengke News

Hengke NewsNews

Hengke metal debuts 2012 Hanover Industrial Fair

High-profile 2012 Hannover Fair opeens in Germany from April 23 to 27 in the famous industrial city of Hannover . The annual Hannover Messe is the most important industrial feast in the world and a trend barometer for the industrial sector. In 5 days, about 5,000 exhibitors around the world are announcing that? a green and intelligent of the new industrial revolution is coming through the tens of thousands of cutting-edge products and technological innovation, hundreds of professional seminars.
Dongying Hengke Metal Co., Ltd. also took the latest technology to participate in this industry feast, and showcase the Hengke Casting in Hall 3 .E area of 9 square meters of standard exhibition. The company general manager Wang Ancheng and Trade Manager Chen Guohai and industry experts, industry customers and the public came to visit the casting technology and industry development issues. During the four-day period, Hengke Metal attracted some 2,700 visitors from all over the world. We are also honored to have representatives from the US, Germany, France and Sweden. Five overseas companies hope to conduct in-depth understanding to discuss cooperation matters, the exhibition to achieve the desired results.


Over the past 20 years, the Hengke Metal always adhere to the quality of molded brands, science and technology to create brilliant principles for the world?? it provides thousands of products to more than 30 countries and regions. It has now developed and produced more than 80 kinds of materials, product applications? covering almost the entire machinery manufacturing and mechanical processing industry ,mainly mining, engineering machinery, petroleum, shipbuilding, railway, automobile and motorcycle, electrical and mechanical, hardware, agricultural machinery, equipment, construction and other industries. Products are widely appreciated by customers around the world.


Hannover Fair based on automation, industrial parts and other traditional theme exhibition advocates the "green production". Dongying Hengke Metal Co., Ltd. Advocated ISO14000 environmental management system, and strive to achieve green production, in order to achieve business performance and environmental performance of the win-win situation. We look forward to the future of China's industrial splendor and look forward to a new leap forward in China and around the world.



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